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Write to Design Your Life.

Do the Labor


Gather your tools. 


Paper and pen. Refrain from tablets, iPads, and smart phones. (Just for this once.) Writing by hand, I feel, will have much more value to you. Think of it as if you were writing a scripture, a scroll, a blue print to your life, and the key to it all is in your authenticity; your very own genuine handwriting, no matter how ugly you think it may be. 


My personal preference in tools include a fine point pen, like 'Le Pen (Marvy Japan)', and for paper, a 'Moleskine 3.5 x 5.5 pocket notebook'. Which you can find on:


Who Are You?


Trying to figure out who you are, if you're still trying to find you that is, can be a slight pain on your psyche. Truth of the matter is, this is what we were placed on earth for, to experience who we are as individuals. It can be very stressful and confusing when other people are trying to define you, especially loved ones. Deep inside you know who you are but can't define it... or find it? We are forever seeking ourselves through people around social grounds and these people are exactly who we need to help find us. 


Note Thyself. 


Write down people's perception of how they view you. Ask people who are close to you, who and what do they think of you. 

Who are you in their eyes really? 

Then, challenge these inquiries. Study your notes on you based on their ideas. Afterwards, think about any changes you think need to be made, based on your audiences eyes. 


You Are the Star of Your Own "Show"


After you've accumulated enough details about how people perceive you, it's time to write the change. Yup, that's write—sorry, I mean right. Many philosophers say that you have to make the change in you to see the change in the world. But yet when many people think about or even go about this quest, they don't know where to start. That's because they don't have the blueprint. The blueprint is writing down exactly how you want the world to see you. Be the star in everyone's eyes; the model people want to be like, simply by writing who you want to be. Always write in present tense starting with "I am" this now or that now. 


Make Sure That the Ego Acknowledges What You Wrote?


Now that you've jotted down how you would like to be perceived, it is time to go to war with the ego. A lot of books, teachers or psychologists would give you a means to hushing the ego; drugs, meditation or some type of discipline. However, I'll make it simple. The ego cannot die, if you drug down the ego it'll come back fighting even stronger. If you put the ego to sleep with meditation it'll come back in an uproar. If you kill the ego... well how can you kill something that is a part of you?


Writing down who you are on paper is half the design. Reciting who you are after you have written it—is your goldmine to stabilizing it as fact. 


Your new paradigm will alter the ego. Notice how I did not say kill, or put the ego to sleep. Alter the ego, which means you will have convinced the ego that your new state of 'being' is the actual you and your ego will stop the fight and join you. 


Write Again. 


You know who you are now, or at least close to it, you know what people say or know about you is either partially true or not true at all. You wrote down who you are and now you have something to prove, but it doesn't work overnight, continue endlessly on the subject of you until you get YOU right. Remember, we came here on earth to experience life so we will always be making adjustments in our life and in a constant need to change this or that no matter how small or big. So you can't stop writing when you think you've got it. Stop writing when you have experienced all that you want to experience in life. You are your own creator of life and the pen and paper is your key. 




Wait, hold on... Does that mean that I will never stop writing?


Not until you die... We text quite often don't we, the majority of us do. This is the future isn't it? Modern time folks!

Why, it's the thing to do. So there should be no reason as to why we can't take the time to do this activity. It's just the same as texting right? Well, I'm sure there can be a debate against the whole texting is like writing ordeal but that's okay—go ahead. Don't waste your breath here, because my point is not an argument. It's an idea, a shortcut in finding who you really are. 


You can stop writing whenever you feel like it however, without your blueprint, you can end up somewhere you don't want to be, hate the person you're becoming, or worst, someone else could be writing your life for you. 


-Bernard Noel