Accept Fear


Accept that fear is a part of our nature not apart from our nature. Let’s realize that no matter how far we have come to get to where we are now, how strong we have gotten, how much we have advanced in our careers, or our social lives, families, and spirituality, there’s a lil’ fear in us all that we just can’t seem to shake off.


It’s good though.


Stop shaking it off, and embrace it—we’re stuck with fear for life. Write your fears down on paper no matter how small, big, embarrassing, or petty you think it might be. If we are to cooperate with our fear, we need to embrace the damn thing, right?


Acknowledge the Fear

Acknowledge that the fear is there—in you, and do what most of us if not all of us are afraid to do, ‘thank it’

What did you say Bernard? Thank our fear? Yeah right! Why?

Okay, okay, let's make one thing straight here… who caused the fear in the first place? YOU did, that's right… it was… you. 

Now I know we have plenty of reasons about why it’s not our fault that we have the fears that we have. But, it is our experience of something bad that may or may not had happened to us which creates the fear. Also, in our memory, there’s a bunch of stored data like: ones that protect us, ones that excite happy emotions, and ones that causes us to feel sad or fearful over something or someone that doesn't do any of us any justice.

If we look deep enough into our very essence, we can dig out the little worms called fear, and do the worst to those slimy suckers—eat them. 

It might be a surprise for must of us to know that we might be carrying the fear of others once we do go deep. We might find that often times we are exaggerating or exercising the fears belonging to our friends, neighbors, spouse, and colleagues into our subconscious mind. Yes, fear is contagious, isn't it. Not if we are conscious of our fears first…


Integrate with Fear

How do we eat fear… well, in actuality we can’t, since it is already inside of us. So what to do with fear? Hug the damn thing already! It’s your baby, and like a babyyy, we have to take care of it until it’s well enough to walk off to ‘Fear College’. 

Okay maybe I lost you…

What I mean is, you have to cultivate your fear into a strength, not a weakness; not something you run away from, but something that you understand is a part of you—forever. And it is your job to make it become a proactive tool in your nervous system not a reason for any of your failures or not doing what you came here on earth to do (whatever you decided that would be).


Do you Really Know your Fears

Study your fears, learn why you have them, read over, and over again what these fears mean to you. After you have done so, do something about them. One-step-at-a-time, divide your fears into several parts, and fix the mixing screws in them e.g. 

I am afraid of heights.


Because when I was a child, I witness my father falling, permanently injuring his spine from a ladder while trying to put christmas lights around our house. Now he cannot walk, and I am afraid If I reach such tall heights, I could share a similar fate or worst.

Divide the fear:

  • Father’s fall.
  • Young Age.
  • Ladders.
  • Falling in General.
  • Being Handicap.


Now, what if it isn't heights that you have a fear of but rather it’s the fear of being handicap?

Or what if it isn't being handicap that you have a fear of but rather it’s the fear of falling?

Do you see where I am going with this. Once we can reduce our fear(s) into lowest terms, we can start wiggling that little fear warm out of us and into our focus. 


Concentrate on your Fear Joyfully

Once the fear is in our focus, OBSORB it.


Do the littlest thing you can to get you in the arena with your fear(s), and observe it closely. 

If you're afraid of falling, take judo classes to learn how to fall properly. 

If you're afraid of heights take diving board lessons and so forth.

We should concentrate on how we can work with our fear(s); we should not let it consume us, and we should not let it control our lives. Our Fear is often there to help us and teach us a lesson; when we do not follow through with these lessons, our fear punish us, like if were it’s child, rather than the other way around (as it supposed to be).