The Finish Line. 

We all have aspiring goals, we all want to do something, be somewhere, or be somebody other than who we are currently being or doing. Here's the problem... actually... There is no problem, the problem lies within ourselves.

If problem is defined as: 

Problem: a thing that is difficult to achieve or accomplish. 

Then we are the ones who create problems; the ones we imagine. 

Because we create goals for ourselves that takes a set amount of duration to achieve, and that we believe to have a difficult setting like that in a video game, we create problems. 

Why do I say we imagine problems?

Because we're trying to be something or do something but we feel or think that we can't—in our minds; we imagine it's hardship, and that 'hardship' becomes a reality for most of us. 

We're focused on the finish line, that BIG GOAL(s), but we never really do reach it... Why? 

The 'problem' is believing in problems. 

Confused yet? 

Bare with me....

Show your Work. 

Like all math problems, we are always asked to show our work, right?

Face the music, most of us are not content with our current state of affairs because we don't 'show the work'. We destroy the paths that leads us to becoming the greater version of ourselves in the process by completely focusing in on the problem and not the actual work; the solution. 

This is the epiphany of being a sloth. 

Hey, but I'm not here to bring anyone down. I love people. I, likewise yourself, is that 1% of 100% that makes up people. So bringing anyone down would be reflected onto bringing myself down. Duh...

Okay, it's time to write this down. Write down all of your goals on a sheet of paper. Then on the back of that same sheet of paper, write down the steps you think that you will have to take to get you closer to each one of your goals. 

Show the work ON PAPER. 
Then, make that call, or register for those classes, or start that business campaign, or whatever steps that will take you one step closer to those goals. ASAP. 

Be Gorilla Strong. 

"Success is a little like wrestling a gorilla. You don't quit when you're tired. You quit when the gorilla is tired." 
- Robert Strauss

In the beginning, middle or end...
It's going to seem like things aren't working out, things just aren't going your way—at all. like all of your efforts so far was all for nothing, because, "hey, where are the results? I'm busting my ass here!"

Calm down, calm down... No, actually don't calm down, at least not just yet. You need to keep pushing forward... But not with force. 

Am I irritating you yet?

You're at your breaking point, you can feel it. I've felt it. Many times. I can't tell you how many times I felt like quitting but I didn't, I kept striving. Well I can tell you, but this isn't about me, it's about we, the Warriors. 

There's a wheel of fire that keeps burning within us, if it stops, then it'll burn our souls. 

Was that extreme?

Good! It should be, that's how we should tackle our dreams—our big goals. Our soul depends on it. 

Remember, the reason why you're working this hard in the first place is because you believed in yourself. If you didn't, then you probably wouldn't have even started this journey. 

We can't quit, not yet. The gorilla will beat our asses to death if we do. We can't let 'them' know that we feel beaten even when deep inside we really do feel beaten. 

The Finish Line is an Illusion. 

Man, when we were toddlers, crawling was the hardest thing ever, we flopped like fish on dry land. Then walking was the hardest thing to do, afterwards, running without falling was difficult. But we mastered the process, didn't we?

We wanted to kick it a bit further, we wanted to know how to ride a bicycle, dance, swim, skate, drive a car, do yoga, longboard, surf the waves, play soccer, basketball, baseball, the list goes on...

"Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal."  - Earl Nightingale

When we succeed, did we succeed? 
Not ever, not as long as we're alive. Our very essence is to keep creating, it's to keep being better versions of ourselves. 

I believe that we came here on earth to discover who we are over and over again. To sum up someone's life is impossible, unless we give up on our dreams and goals. We can't do that, we can't quit when we're tired. If we do then the gorilla is gonna beat our asses—to death. 

- Bernard