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Write Why You Should Get Paid More

Excuse Me


Excuse me, why are you getting paid this (?) amount of money? You definitely should get paid more. 

Wealth is in the mind not the body. We get paid for how much the company we're working for value us as employees and or how much value we put within ourselves. Let's write down why we should get paid more. 


Invest in Thyself


Write a list of reasons why you think you should get paid more because indeed you do. I don't care if you're making more than the norm or less than the average, you deserve to get paid more. We were born abundant by nature, it's time we reclaim our abundance of wealth. 


In your writing be crystal clear as to why you deserve your wealth; write down places that you would like to visit, things you would like to buy—big or small, important people you would like to meet, restaurants you would like to dine in, companies you would like to start, charities you would like to build, friends and family you want to be able to support. Be specific in your details as to why you deserve your wealth. The Galaxy is your LIMIT not the sky. 


You Are Already Wealthy. 


Being wealthy is our birth right. We are all born debt free, until we learn how to create debts for ourselves.

We have millions of financially illiterate people teaching their students how to be just like them. A lot of people have advice for money (including our parents) but yet at the same time, they do not know how to manage money themselves.

They say, "get a credit card to build credit," and "you never know when you may need one for an emergency.” Yet little do they know, that doing so often times put us in more debt than we were in before. No one teaches (or know how to for that matter) anyone how to be financially literate, that's because there's not that many financial teachers out there—that teaches for free or cheap.  

So we go off blowing money like maniacs, then suffer the circumstances for our expenses.

It is time that we start managing our money on paper. Begin by writing all of your debts down and make a solid goal (deadline) in which you will be paying off each person or businesses "I-O-U's." Adding on, make sure that it's reasonable and manageable based on your income. 


Money Is Just An Idea


Money is an idea, it's a medium of exchange for other people's product or services. 

When you have the right idea(s) you're going to attract money. You will either magnetize money to you or repel it. Everything that's been into your life, you have attracted into your life.

The more you vibrate your mental thought into not having any money; I'm poor, broke, I can never afford this, I don't have enough, and etc… the more money will consistently dart away from your life. What you want to do is make money run to you even when you think that you have had enough. 

Do it with a mental picture of yourself having more money than you can ever possibly imagine. 

 Write down this mental picture just as you see it. Then, recite it in your mind and re-read it everyday. 

Hundreds of Millions of dollars is being transferred between Japan and New York over night; just vibrations, transferring to one computer to another. You can tune in on this vibration by implying your ideas on paper. Write and recite all the reasons why you deserve more money. 


Pay Yourself First


Let's save 10% of our paycheck.

This is an example: 

If you are making $350 a week, divide that by 10, in which will give you $35 to save. 

 If you are making $782 every two weeks, divide that by 10, in which will give you $78.2 to save.

However much it is that you make, divide it by 10 then save it. 

Now, that $35 / $78.2, you do not touch!

It is the money that you owe YOU. In essence, become your own employer and employee—pay yourself first. We should treat every dollar that we make as an employee. If you spend a dollar, you get rid of an employee. Now how is it that you will have a successful business (YOURSELF), if you have no one to work for you? You will end up wearing yourself out, working more than you have to. 


Dollar Bandage


We all deserve to get paid first, we were born wealthy but lost our wealth due to a lack of proper financial teachings and management. 

manage your expenses on paper—write down how much money you are spending a month, then ask yourself why.

Learn your spending habits and eliminate whatever is creating a dent in your pocket. Write down the wealthy version of yourself in extreme details, then work on it—hold the ideal until it becomes real. Seal your dollars with bandages!(Rubber-bands)

- Bernard Noel