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Write What Makes You Different



The Freedom of Being Different


Ever notice the person or perhaps been the person that would rather sit on the floor or on the steps to read a book or eat lunch? Meanwhile, everyone else is sitting at a table or on a lofty couch for such the activity; he, she, or us would be completely oblivious to the attention many people may give us for not conforming. This is just an example of the freedom of being different—there are millions of other examples too, but my aim is at the point. Not just any point—the point on our paper where we can write our wonderful differences and then marvel at them. 


Write Your Freedom 


What makes you different? Find out what by realizing what you like to do different from everyone else. It could be something as simple as liking to drink your Starbucks coffee with a straw from a Starbucks cup or reciting words to make you feel good whilst looking at your reflection in the mirror every morning. Whatever it is, write it down—this is the prime definition of "doing you". After you have written what makes you different, try to realize or should I say feel your way into this being free by being different.  

Soak it in...your freedom that is. 


Step Outside of Conformity


I'm not talking about teenage rebellion here. What I'm saying is:

If you do what the crowd does, you'll get what the crowd gets. 

Write down what pleases you, and be specific to exactly how you would like to be pleased by adding supreme details. Have no other way you would like being, behaving, and having what you want in life except what you have written on that paper. Defend the fortress that makes you—YOU. 


Enjoy Your Birth Right


Freedom is our birth right, and it has been so since the day we were born; out of our imprisonment from the walls of our mother’s womb. What we carried afterwards, from a toddler, child, adolescent, and to adulthood is traits; which we picked up from our environments to create our own unique personalities.

By writing these traits down, studying them, and relaxing "in them", we can truly be in peace with ourselves. Being different is the freedom of life, being like other people is the prison.


-Bernard Noel