A friend is a gift you give yourself

- Robert Louis Stevenson


It would be great to have exactly the type of friends that we want around us. The type of friends that inspire us, show us the light when we are left in the dark, make us laugh with unique jokes, friends we share amazing similarities and differences that we value within each other. We can start attracting these friends right now—on paper. Let’s rebuild friendships that we have and create new ones that help us grow by writing them on paper.




Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend. 

- Plautus


Some of us have friends that we value, and some of us have friends that we are unsure truly is our friends—it is just hard to say. Might be because that some-what of a friend doesn't always have our back, or only responds to us when he or she is in need of a favor. Well, it is time that we check our friends list and edit the good from the bad. Write all of your friends on paper, if you cannot remember all of your friends by-heart, the ones that didn't make the cut or that you have to think really hard about, are probably not your true friends—they do not belong on your friends list. Edit them out. You want to keep'em? That's fine too but please don't hold onto them for any security reasons. 


Write the Right People in Your Life


Friends are born, not made. 

- Henry Adams


Give the friends you want in your life, birth!  Let's write down exactly the people we want around our circle. If you had an entourage, how would they act or look like? What group of people do you want around you? Entrepreneurs, film professionals, musicians, happy people, wild and spontaneous people, chill and philosophical people, artistic... The list is endless. Choose who you want in your life now, then write them on a sheet of paper—do not waste a single minute. The right friend for you is around the corner. 

Imagine having a professional artist as a friend who urge and guide you with the art life you left years ago that you just recently thought about resurrecting. He or she can converse with you on different topics of art—modern or old, catching up on what you have missed; architecture, painting, fashion trends, art culture and so forth. What about the art exhibits you could both attend to stimulate your minds! Maybe it's a friend that you can go to and share your most intimate feelings with and without being judged doing so is the type of friend to your liking—nothing extravagant right. Whatever it is, write it down and start attracting them into your life now. You can have a friend that makes you instantaneously laugh no matter your mood; where there's never a single dull moment with him/her. If you think you're stuck with the friends you have now, and that you will never meet and have a deep connection with someone else, that is absolutely false. There's no limits to how many friends to have, there's no limits to say that we can only have friend who exist in your current circle. What is limited is our current state of reality, mind you, that can be shifted instantly on paper with a few strokes of our pen. 


They WILL Come


There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven't yet met. 

- William Butler Yeats


After we have our written friends on paper, expect them to manifest like expecting your birthday this year or the next. 

By your shear will, the friends that you want in your life will come to you in ways you can’t imagine, but you have to meet them half way. You have to beplaces that these friends are most likely to appear. To illustrate, If you want more friends who are humanitarians and down to earth, start going to volunteer work sites. The next protest you see involving human rights that you see, your ass better be there—seriously. If you are serious about meeting these type of people, create bridges and allow them to enter your life. There are communities of all sorts of lifestyles. Find one that suits you, be part of it, talk about what they talk about. Why? Because those are the type of friends you want don't you? 




- Bernard Noel