What is it this Time!?

Alright extroverts, don't kill me for this but...

Write your complaints, do not say or express them immediately because they can make matters worse. Use all the resources that you have available to you at the moment to change your negative matter into a positive manner. Everything happens for a reason, most of the time it is to kick our asses into shape/gear. 
It makes us move forward to stop being complacent; it brings us closer to those life changes that we have wished upon a star for. 

Write a list of all the complaints that you have, and then, write possible solutions for solving them. All of them. 

Complaining Feels Good

Let's admit it, we like to complain about things because it makes us feel better. (For those who will not admit this, stop reading from this point on, I'm wasting your reading energy.)

We get the complaints out of our system—like pooping. And poof—the constipation is gone. 


Little do we know how hazardous this is for our life system; health, wealth, relationships, you name it. We can't improve by complaining to our boss about work conditions, to our wives/husbands about her/his habits, to our children about their misbehavior or constant poor decisions. However, we can make great changes if we first write down our complaints on paper and make several possible solutions. 

Any Suggestions? 

After you have written all of your complaints, throw them away and hold onto the solutions ONLY. Present the solutions as suggestions instead of complaints to the person you want to present it to. This will save your future! Suggestions are good because they do not make commands, bitch and whine, show aggravation, or even make the other person (receiver) feel bad. 

It's an opinion that you are bringing forth to the light to make your life easier, and the people around you as well. 

Having no complaints keeps you stress free, having open-minded suggestions makes your life easy. Next time you have a complaint, say it to the paper first before anyone else. 

- Bernard Noel